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Italia.buon fresco.jpg

Italia Ochre.

Buon Fresco NFS

Cave wall.buon fresco.jpg

Rape of the Earth

Buon Fresco.  NFS

Midnight. buon fresco.jpg


Buon Fresco.  NFS

Buon fresco –Buon Fresco is the painting of an image on wet plaster using a ‘cartoon’. With this method the fresco may be applied to limestone, brick or stone walls. The painting surface is made up of a mixture of aged lime putty and washed river sand. There are two layers applied. Firstly the ‘arricio’ and then a finer mixture for the painting surface called the ‘intonico’. One paints onto this wet surface with a mixture of pure pigment and water. This technique was used in Egypt, Europe, Mexico and South America. It is from this technique that other modern methods have evolved.

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