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An art installation is a three-dimensional visual artwork, often created for a specific place (in situ) and designed to change the perception of space.

Our professor in Italy taught us to create frescoes as if we were cooking a delicate dish.

With the mixing of the lime and sand, we had to almost learn to ‘hear’ when the surface was ready to be painted on.

This is how an installation works. One feels the atmosphere, hears the message and tastes the bitterness or sweetness of the psychology.


In the installation "Guatamala"  I was trying to express the horror I felt after travelling there.

Here you have a country that takes great pride in its historical past, but its present and future are a debilitating contrast.

Many children live alone on the streets, where they are taken by police and hung from trees and beaten.

There is also a trade going on where they are told they may travel to America and get an education, but the reality is their organs are taken from them for organ transplants and they die.

This trade is allegedly organised by doctors and lawyers in the U.S. and Guatemala


From the Installation "Guatamala"

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