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Mayan quote:

For 500 years we have hidden our true faces in order to resist, and kept silent the better to remember.

The wind will carry our words

As our ancestors say: The wind will disappear. It moves on, but always returns.





Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial

Tikal 2.jpg
Tikal 3.jpg


In the installation "Guatamala"  I was trying to express the horror I felt after travelling there.

Here you have a country that takes great pride in its historical past, for example Tikal is an amazing place to visit, but its present and future are a debilitating contrast.

Many children live alone on the streets, where they are taken by police and hung from trees and beaten.

There is also a trade going on where they are told they may travel to America and get an education, but the reality is their organs are taken from them for organ transplants and they die.

This trade is allegedly organised by doctors and lawyers in the U.S. and Guatemala


Majestic stone

time since gone

Civilisation fled

Ancient people



Peace I have never known

Awesome light of star swept night

Deep velvet glow

Firefly dance

Grey fox advance

The half moon glow

Soft shimmer shows

This ancient time

Maya grace

Life's rhythm flows

The jungle close

protects a time

of mystery

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