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......... you can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it for the rest of your life............. 

More than the picture itself , what counts is what it throws in the air, what it exhales. ...... Art can die; what matters is that it scatters seeds on the ground. ...... it sows seeds from which other things will spring.


summer tree copy.jpg

Summer's Tree 2018

81 x 92 cm       Oil on Canvas.        $3000

Willow Morning copy.jpg

Willow Morning 2018

92 x 81 cm     Oil on Canvas.         $3000

Flower jug.jpg

Blooms in a Pitcher 2019

86 x 80 cm.    Oil on Canvas            $3000


Summer Breeze 2019

46 x 30 cm     Oil on Canvas.     $600


Winter Afternoon.  2007

40 x 46 cm     Oil on Canvas    $500



Winter Storm.  2007

40 x 46 cm     Oil on Canvas.   SOLD


05 copy.jpg

Horizon 2007

40 x 46      Oil on Canvas.      $500


Dawn Rising.   2007

40 x 46 cm.      Oil on Canvas.       SOLD


09 copy.jpg

Trees on a Hill Blampied

40 x 46 cm.    Oil on Canvas      $500

I have shown my work at Marios since my first exhibition there in 1992.

Marios is like being with family.

The welcoming staff who have worked there over time.

The wonderful food which has always been consistently excellent.

And the interest and support they have given to Melbourne artists and the Arts.  

Thank you to both Marios.

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