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A Portolano is a book of sailing directions, with charts and descriptions of harbours. I chose the word Portolano as the title for my research because it reflects my belief that within our psyche is a form of Portolano.

My research involved exploring this natural instinct or mapping which seems to direct us to take time out, or to take a journey away from ourselves to rest and consider our new direction. It seems that this ‘time-out', or moment of solitude, is a natural part of our survival skills. Our own personal Portolano.

In the installation the standing stone represents the self with the large painting having 96 varieties of self. The dark  painting reflects the self when standing in front of it, which is the self in that moment of time. The boats represent the journey, and the large floating Strappo works, represent the shedding of skins surrounding old belief systems.

The video is projected through the boat sail onto the wall showing the movement of self through time. Finally, the Buon Fresco represents the new beginning.


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