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… And if the earthly no longer knows your name,

Whisper to the silent earth: I’m flowing.

To the flashing water say: I am. [i]


[i] Rainer Maria Rilke The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke Sonnets to Orpheus II, 29   1989  p255

The Blue Hand.jpg

The Blue Hand.- Todays Child.

102 x 86 cm.             Oil on Canvas.             $4500


Turned Back by Christians

76 x 92 cm          Oil on Canvas         $3000

Future through water1jpg.jpg

Future Through Water

Oil on Canvas.    NFS

God is a Button 1.jpg

God is a Button

Mixed media on Art palette


Stuck at Home_

Wilderness of 2020

102 x 122 cms       Oil on Canvas                 $5000


They will be Bred Out    2011

Oil on Canvas. NFS 


"We Have No Room Here"

   91cm x 137cm          Oil on Canvas           $6500

"The Blue Hand.- Todays Child."

At the time when a small boy's body  was washed up on a beach in Greece.  I was appalled at the hypocricy of people who were shocked; when this was an everyday occurrence.  Because this poor child happened to be in the papers, it was treated like a new occurrence when it happened every day and still does.

"Turned Back by Christians"

This work is about Scott Morrison who, along with Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott and John Howard were responsible for sending people away from Australia whilst they were attempting to seek asylum and safety for themselves and their families. There allegedly is a case against them at The International Court of Justice, with charges of  crimes against humanity.

"Future Through Water"

This painting is about the fear and stress that the refugees  experience throughout their horrendous journeys across the water.

"God Is A Button"

Every Easter. I see the droves of people going off to Church. The hypocrisy you see of people who's obsession with the dollar fills the world with second rate junk,  and yet there they are on Sundays begging forgiveness for their sins, and justifying their greed . So I think perhaps God is a Button. He/she may as well be.

Wilderness of 2020

During the Melbourne Covid-19 lockdown, I was watching one of the TV channels, and was surprised at the number of times the hosts said  "Stuck at Home." I understood that it was extremely difficult for people who were living in apartments, but those who had homes with backyards and room to move, I wondered what their homes were like and why they felt stuck there. Why not do something to change that feeling? To some people I pointed out that at least they weren't living in tents or having bombs dropping on them like at least

25 million people around the world experience every day.

They Will Be Bred Out

I can remember as a child in the 1950's people talking about the First Nation people, and that they would eventually be "bred out". My own Grandmother used to say "Remember you come from 'good stock'". I thought she was talking about soup, but much later I realised she was telling me we were 'well bred'.

"We Have No Room Here"

I used to visit refugees at MITA, and saw people who have experienced horrendous suffering. Then I spoke to Australians who would complain about refugees taking jobs and public housing and saying there is no room in Australia for them.

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