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Bronwyn Bain

From the corner of my eye, I saw the paint swirl across the paper. The artist was using watercolours, captivating my curiosity forever.

Painting had arrived in my life, never to leave.

I enquired at the local TAFE college about classes …. perhaps once a week.

But the surprise, in letter I received, was telling me I had been accepted in full-time study in Art. A wonderful year proceeded with my eyes being opened to a world I had never perceived.

A year later I applied to University to study a Bachelor of Arts, and was accepted into five courses at three different Universities.

AT the age of 40, I had found where I belonged, and thus began a fascinating journey of intrigue and adventure.

Three years of study passed quickly, I worked at home for a while, and then travelled to Italy for six months to study the Affresco Painting course: `Tecnica Pittura Murale’ at Il Laboratorio per Affresco di Vainella, Prato Italia.

In 1999 I applied to CoFA-UNSW to study for a Masters degree.

“What do you do?” I was asked.

“Fresco. I studied in Italy.” I replied.

“You have a place here.” I was told, and was accepted into MFA - a scholarship degree.

The following years introduced me to the most charming, creative and intelligent mentors.

It was such a privilege to be amongst these people.

I was asked to undertake tutorials, and the occasional lecture.

My final exhibition at Ivan Dougherty Gallery, was opened by my friend the great lateral thinker Edward de Bono.

Art has taken me through a world of mystery from Shamans in the Amazon Jungle, to the great Celtic cultures of the UK and Europe. From the artists of the Mayan and Inca cultures of Mexico, Ecuador and Peru, to the outback indigenous regions of Australia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Immersing myself in the cultures and peoples of the places I’ve visited, I’ve gazed in awe at the paintings to be found in the famous galleries of UK, Paris and Italy.

I am still painting and still researching. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me through my involvement in the breath-taking world of Art.

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